When unconventional meets classic: Thales and Ingrid’s story

When unconventional meets classic: Thales and Ingrid’s story
November 3, 2022 Laila Raza

What happens when someone who isn’t a fan of tradition meets someone who loves the classics? Well in this case, it culminates in a beautiful Brazilian wedding with a rustic botanical theme, a cheese cake – but not in the way you might think – and a set of modern-meets-timeless sapphire and diamond rings.

Thales and Ingrid are originally from Brazil and moved to Australia 5 years ago to experience a life abroad together.

Thales has always been one to do things a bit differently. So when I asked Ingrid after the proposal what she expected her engagement ring to look like she said, “I was actually a bit afraid. Thales is not a big fan of traditions, so I knew I would not get a traditional engagement ring. However, I was afraid he was going to “innovate” too much and give me something I would not like.”

This made me laugh. Because I knew how beautifully it all worked out.

Thales and Ingrid by Sydney Harbour Bridge
Thales and Ingrid outdoors
Thales and Ingrid on honeymoon

The design

Thales and I designed the ring in secret, knowing right from the beginning that it needed to be nothing like a stock-standard engagement ring. Ingrid’s favourite colour is blue. So we chose a sapphire. It was a beautiful ocean hue and originated from Australia, a place that Thales and Ingrid made their second home.

As an engineer, it was important to Thales that he played an integral role in the design process. “I always like to see things being created and seeing the idea coming to life was pretty cool,” he said.

We caught up over coffee and hot chocolate and arranged gemstones in asymmetric designs, using that classic diamond element in a way that set it apart from other engagement rings.

Designing a custom engagement ring - work in progress sketches
Australian sapphire and diamond asymmetric cluster engagement ring in 9ct white gold

The proposal

As with many proposals over the last few years, Thales and Ingrid’s was a pandemic proposal. Thales planned to propose on New Year’s Eve on a trip to Glass House Mountains in Queensland. However, as luck would have it, the borders shut only a few days before the trip.

Ingrid tells the story best: “He proposed at the most special place for us: our home, the first place that we lived together as a couple. It was just the two of us, on the couch, right after breakfast on Christmas day! Obviously he made it a bit different by giving me the ring as a “fake” gift that I thought would be a fitness watch (which he knows I hate)! But I had my breath taken away when I saw the ring inside the watch’s box! I was SO surprised when he proposed with the most beautiful engagement ring I’ve ever seen! I never thought of having a sapphire, but I LOVED it!”

Months later, after considerable patience (and a sprinkling of cabin fever), lockdown lifted and Thales and Ingrid finally got to go on their trip.

The wedding rings

In mid 2022, Ingrid, Thales and I worked together on their wedding rings. Ingrid’s was a classic design with a twist, featuring alternating blue Ceylon sapphires, green Australian sapphires and white diamonds.

Thales’ was created in white gold with a hand-filed finish, reminiscent of a surface that had been worn and weathered over time. Unlike many white gold rings, Thales’ ring was left unplated to showcase its natural colour.

Each ring was engraved with the other’s name so they are always together, even when apart.

White gold, sapphire and diamond wedding rings

The wedding

Thales and Ingrid wanted a small wedding in Belo Horizonte, Brazil, with only their closest family and friends in attendance (spoiler alert: They both have huge families, so the guest list still ended up topping 100).

“Brazilian weddings tend to be a major event with a lot of guests and a lot of fuss,” Ingrid said. “We didn’t want that. We wanted an intimate celebration as if it was in our backyard, so we ditched a lot of common stuff they have at Brazilian weddings: crystal chandeliers, a lot of mirrors, fancy cutlery and huge flower ornaments.”

They went for a rustic botanical theme, as if the flowers were freshly picked from the garden and the furniture was selected from their living rooms (some of it was actually borrowed from their parents’ homes).

Wedding photos by Giovani Pierre

Wedding bride and groom, black and white
Wedding flowers
Wedding food, photo by Giovani Pierre Fotografia
Rustic wedding floral table settings
Bridal gown for Brazilian wedding
Thales and Ingrid's Brazilian wedding
Ingrid wearing engagement and wedding rings

“We never liked those huge cakes with layers and layers of tasteless buttercream,” Ingrid said. “Since our state in Brazil is really famous for its cheeses (and Thales is a big fan of them), we decided to pile up a lot of different cheeses and make a ‘cake’ out of them. At the top we put two cheeses that were made by our family and friends. It was the most beautiful (and delicious) décor I’ve ever seen at a wedding!”

Brazilian wedding cheese cake

They were married under the Jabuticaba trees. The perfect spot, because Thales had given Ingrid a Jabuticaba bonsai to represent their love 8 years ago.

The couple chose to hold a phone-free ceremony, so everyone could be present with them in their special moment. Ingrid recounted, “Since we live half a world apart, and most of our communication is through phones and screens, we wanted to cherish every second of being with our most loved ones. It was definitely the right choice. We shared so many emotions and tears.”

Father of the bride and bride walking down the aisle

“We were very worried that the rain would make us move the ceremony to a covered space, far from the trees,” Ingrid said. “It NEVER rains in Belo Horizonte in September, but the week of the wedding it rained a lot! However, on Sunday we woke up to sun shining over the city and we could have our ceremony in the place that we dreamed of.”

“It could not be more perfect,” she said.

And that’s exactly how we like our weddings – unconventional, classic with a twist, full of love – and to the couple – perfect.

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Thales and Ingrid's wedding photo shoot, black and white wedding photography

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  1. Ingrid 2 years ago

    Such an honour having our story told in your website! Thanks Fairina for playing a – huge – part on our special day! The rings are amazing <3

    • Fairina Cheng 2 years ago

      Aww thank you so much! Thank you to you and Thales for sharing your story. I’ve said this many times now but I absolutely love your wedding photos, decor and your rings of course. Congratulations again!

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