Love, dating and baby makes three

Love, dating and baby makes three
April 12, 2023 Laila Raza

Maddi and Georgie met like many modern day romantics do: on a dating app.

Georgie said, “We connected in 2020 when I messaged her after seeing her profile. I said, ‘I like your shirt’ and she replied ‘Thanks, it’s made of girlfriend material’.

“We dated briefly as the world shut down during COVID, and for 3 weeks we drank gin, danced in the living room, and watched copious amounts of TV while we tried to navigate life in lockdown. Ultimately I realised that I needed to do a lot of work on myself and we split, before re-connecting as friends the following year.

A lesbian couple and their baby

“When we got back in touch we caught up for coffee and Maddi asked what was new with me.

“I said, ‘I’m trying to have a baby, like, this Friday’.

“She spilled her entire chocolate milkshake all over me in shock. It was awkward and hilarious.

“I had started the process of becoming a single mum by choice and to be perfectly honest I had given up on finding a relationship and was very focused on my journey.

“When my first attempt was unsuccessful, I decided to have a break for a month and during that time our friendship blossomed into romance again. I wondered if I was going to have to make a decision between pursuing a relationship or sticking with my plan.

“When I asked Maddi what she thought about it, she said she supported me 100% and was happy to keep dating while I continued to try and fall pregnant.

“As it turns out, my next attempt was successful. We had only been dating for 4 weeks and suddenly baby made 3!

“It was early days for the relationship and the pregnancy, and the timing was crazy but we knew we had something special.

“9 months later, Bowie was born. It was love at first sight for all of us.”

Designing Maddi’s engagement ring

In July 2022, Georgie decided to propose.

She knew it was going to be tricky to find the perfect ring to suit Maddi’s minimal style. She also knew that it needed to be sentimental, personalised and crazy meaningful.

“When we first met, Maddi and I had a conversation about how we’d both recently lost our grandfathers while sitting and watching the ocean,” Georgie said. “We both felt a real connection in that moment despite that sadness. While I never got to meet her grandfather, she spoke of him often and shared lots of memories of growing up.”

From Maddi’s mum, Georgie obtained an opal ring that once belonged to Maddi’s grandfather. We melted the gold down, and with mum’s blessing, planned a ring imbued with stories of a family.

Grandpa's ring before it was remodelled into new jewellery

Maddi’s grandfather’s ring

Drawing inspiration from a few of Georgie’s favourite signet styles, we created a sleek, minimalist design she knew that Maddi would adore.

On the side of the ring, we set a diamond – Georgie’s birthstone. And placed a secret topaz on the underside of the band to represent baby Bowie.

“I was super nervous but Fairina kept me updated,” said Georgie. “All her timelines were on track and nothing was late or delayed which made me feel really at ease. Getting a custom ring made was the best thing I could have done for Maddi, and I would do it 100 times over if I could.”

“The ring was utterly incredible, it was exactly how I pictured it would look. I mishmashed so many different design ideas and didn’t explain what I wanted well at all and somehow Fairina made it exactly as I dreamed. It was wild!”

Custom gold signet engagement ring with diamond
Gold signet ring for proposal
Gold signet engagement ring details with blue topaz
Gold engagement signet ring

The proposal

“I had a grand plan to propose to Maddi in a park, with a photographer and a perfect speech,” Georgie said, “But when the ring arrived two days before the scheduled proposal I took one look at it and knew there was no way I could wait that long.

“When we went to bed that night I waited till she fell asleep and I snuck out of our room, filled the living room with candles, picked a song from her favourite artist, and went to wake her up.

“I brought her downstairs and we slow danced while I babbled out some long emotional speech. I couldn’t find my words I was so nervous and I just kept saying I loved her. Eventually I got the courage to get down on one knee and asked her!

“Maddi was bawling, there were tears and snot everywhere, and I was bawling and sweating from being so nervous, it was a hilariously un-Instagram-able moment, but it was bursting with love.”

“We are so happy,” said Georgie. “Maddi and Bowie have the most special bond. She is more incredible than I could even put into words. I’m so thankful I got the happy ending I’d given up on.”

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