Find your ring size

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Having your finger sized by a professional jeweller is the most accurate way of finding your ring size. However if you do need to do this at home, this ring sizing chart might come in handy!

Find a ring that fits on the finger you are buying for and measure its inner diameter (check out the diagram on the right). All ring sizes in the shop are presented in US sizing.

If you already know your ring size, this chart should help you convert it to US sizing if necessary.

How to find your ring size

Find your ring size

15.274 1/28I 1/215 1/4
15.7059J 1/215 3/4
16.105 1/211L1611 3/4
16.51612M16 1/7
16.926 1/213N1714
17.35714O17 1/415 1/4
17.757 1/215P17 3/417 3/4
18.538 1/217Q 1/218 1/2
18.89918R 1/219
19.419 1/219S 1/219 1/2
19.841020T 1/220
20.2010 1/222U 1/220 1/4
20.681123V 1/220 3/4
21.0811 1/224W 1/221
21.491225Y21 1/427 1/2
21.8912 1/226Z21 3/428 3/4

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