Unique engagement rings for story-worthy proposals

Unique engagement rings and unconventional wedding bands that break all the rules.

This is your chance to create something special

A Fairina Cheng ring is for those who want more than a flashy piece of bling on their finger. We specialise in alternative engagement rings for those who value the stories behind their jewellery just as much as the sparkle of a hand-selected gem.

A Fairina Cheng piece is for you if you want a commitment ring that tells your shared story, in a way that only you can tell it.


Hexagon salt and pepper diamond gold engagement ring

To hell with everything you've been taught about what an engagement ring should look like

Your engagement ring doesn’t have to feature a diamond. It doesn’t have to cost three months’ salary and bigger isn’t always better. We believe in standing out, not following the crowd. So if you want something unconventional, quirky and wildly different, we’ll be the first to say “go for it”!

The custom jewels we love to create are delightfully bold and intensely personal. They may not be what everyone else expects. But they’re authentic and meaningful and that’s all that matters!

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How the design process works

Step 1: Discuss

First, we chat by phone, email or in person in a way that makes the design process easy, fun and stress-free. We might discuss any meaningful symbols, special memories or quirky inside jokes you can incorporate into your design. You don’t have to bring anything, but inspiration photos are always helpful. By the end of the first catch up, we generally have a good idea of the direction of your piece.

Step 2: Design

Based on our discussion, we might go through some examples, sketches and gemstones. Together, we refine the design until you’re happy.

Step 3: Create

The third step (arguably the most exciting part) is where your story gets translated into a highly personalised keepsake. Throughout the journey, you get work-in-progress shots and updates as your design comes to life. It’s a fun way to get an insight into part of the custom jewellery process that many don’t get to see. From confirmation of your order, you’ll generally have your jewellery in your hands within 8 weeks (although this can vary from project to project).

Looking to propose without spoiling the surprise?

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Not everyone is looking to flaunt a flashy solitaire diamond. Here’s how you can bust the engagement ring status quo and create an alternative, non-diamond engagement ring that tells your story. Read the full story.

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Book a personalised phone consult and we’ll talk through your ideas and answer your questions. Jewellery consults are a great way to get a feel of what inspires you and establish a direction for your engagement ring or wedding band.

Your ring design may be inspired by a moment in your shared history. Or have a hidden feature that only you know about. Whatever that may be, it will tell a story that you and your partner can call yours. Here are some of our favourite tales.

The best part about being a jeweller is the super cool, ultra chill people I get to design for! Meet Luke and Alicia, whose story makes me smile every time I read it. This is how their desire to one-up each other ended with them celebrating their engagement atop a Hawaiian volcano. Read the full story.

Jana wasn’t interested in the traditional bling and wasn’t looking to flaunt a flashy solitaire. Instead, she wanted an unconventional engagement ring that was uniquely hers, inspired by the works of her favourite Austrian artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Read the full story.

Tom was looking for a handmade ring and his requirements were pretty flexible. It should be in white gold, the stone should be green… oh and “can you put a fish on it?”. This project sparked the story of The Fish Ring, one of our favourite untraditional engagement ring designs. Read the full story.

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