Wedding and engagement jewellery

Few other pieces are commissioned once and worn for life. This is your chance to create something special.

Engagement, wedding and commitment jewellery

When it comes to jewellery, we’re not afraid to break the rules.

A Fairina Cheng engagement, wedding or commitment ring is for those who want more than just a flashy piece of bling on their finger.

A commitment ring is not a status symbol. It isn’t a piece to show off to your friends. It’s an adornment that captures a treasured moment or symbol of your relationship.

Your design may be inspired by a moment in your shared history. Or have a hidden feature that only you know about. Whatever that may be, it will tell a unique story that you and your partner can call yours.

Tom wanted an engagement ring and his requirements were pretty flexible. It should be in white gold, the stone should be green… oh and “can you put a fish on it?”. This project sparked the story of The Fish Ring, one of our favourite engagement ring designs. Read the full story.

Jana wasn’t interested in the traditional bling and wasn’t looking to flaunt a flashy solitaire. Instead, she wanted a ring that was uniquely hers, inspired by the works of her favourite Austrian artist, Friedensreich Hundertwasser. Read the full story.

Sometimes, engagement rings tell more than the story of a couple. They tell the story of a family. Designed to capture Olivia and Paul’s love of nature, this ring was created using the diamond and gold from her mother’s engagement ring. Read the full story.

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