About Sydney Jewellery Designer Fairina Cheng

Sydney jewellery designer, Fairina Cheng

A Sydney jewellery designer who breaks all the rules

Hi, I’m Fairina!

You’re here because you’re sick of seeing the same old jewellery on department store shelves. Because you aren’t satisfied with stock-standard, mass-market accessories. And because you recognise that the world is lacking bold, story-worthy jewellery.

I’m here to create striking designs for fiercely independent individuals who don’t care about other people’s “perfect”.

It’s lovely to meet you.

In jewellery – just as in life – there are no rules. I am an independent designer who is passionate about creating bold keepsakes and unconventional jewels that are completely your own.

Send a custom jewellery enquiry to create a piece of jewellery that couldn’t have been made for anyone else, or visit the shop for distinctly different, ready-made jewels.

You’ll fit right in here if…


You don’t wear more than a few sentimental pieces because you’ve never seen anything that’s right for you.


The jewellery you see in shop windows and glossy magazines makes you feel uninspired, unheard and unrepresented.


You’re searching for a piece that tells your story. A piece that couldn’t have been made for anyone else but you.

I’m here to say what you probably already know.

Wearing the same old jewellery as thousands of people before you, and thousands to come, just doesn’t feel right. So yes, it’s ok (and highly recommended) to break the rules.

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Jewellery is about more than diamond size and dollars

I love working with rule breakers and story makers: those who forge their own path and aren’t afraid to challenge the status quo.

You’ll never hear me say that a piece of jewellery has to look a certain way or has to feature a diamond. In fact, non-diamond engagement rings are my jam!

This jewellery is for you if you cringe at the thought of stepping into a high street jewellery store, if your eyes glaze over at the mention of the “4 C’s of diamonds” and if you want an authentic, meaningful piece that truly captures who you are.

Australian sapphire lab created diamond star set ring
Fairina Cheng, Sydney custom jeweller

Growing up, I never really liked jewellery

The jewellery that I saw in shops, and the rules I heard about engagement rings made me cringe. You know the ones:

  • That an engagement ring always has to have a diamond
  • That a bigger stone is always better
  • That it should cost the proposer (generally assumed to be a man in a relationship that’s generally assumed to be heterosexual) three months’ salary

None of it felt right. And to be honest, fancy jewellery stores intimidated me. So I created something different.

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Australian made jewellery with stories to tell. Read some of our favourite tales here.

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Luxe white weddings with six-figure budgets are making way for low-digit guest lists and intimate ceremonies. We call it the “micro wedding”. Kat and Tarquin tell us how they tied the knot in Vegas with 18 of their closest friends and family.

An Icelandic elopement

This is the story of how Dina and Rob eloped to Iceland and got married, with an Icelandic poet as a celebrant and a Schnauzer as their witness.

In mum’s loving memory

Charlene lives by the motto that “life’s too short”. It’s a motto she learned from her mum who sadly passed in 2019 after fighting stage 4 ovarian cancer. In mum’s memory, we combined gems from 7 pieces of jewellery Charlene inherited to create this modern heirloom ring.

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