How to find her ring size (without spoiling the big surprise)!

How to find her ring size (without spoiling the big surprise)!
August 21, 2016 Fairina Cheng

One of the most common issues I’m faced with when designing an engagement ring is finding a ring size without giving away the upcoming proposal!

This is one of the first steps in the exciting process of creating an amazing, story-telling engagement ring. We’re not talking generic, stock-standard, mass-produced and off-the-shelf. We’re talking an engagement ring so personalised, it couldn’t have been designed for anyone in the world but her.

While the best and most accurate way is to have her finger measured by a jeweller, this isn’t an option when you need to keep the proposal hush hush.

Don’t worry, it’s possible.

And this is how.

Step 1: Use one of her existing rings

Does she have a favourite ring in her jewellery box (ideally, one that fits on her left ring finger)? Here are a few ways you can pass her ring size on to your jewellery designer.

  1. Put the ring on a ruler and measure the inner diameter. This is the measurement of the ring at the widest point of the inside of band.
  2. Press the ring gently into a bar of soap to get a clear imprint.
  3. Trace around the inside of the ring to get an outline on a piece of paper.
  4. Try the ring on one of your fingers. It may not fit, but take a note of where it sits. A jeweller will be able to measure your finger at this point to get an approximate ring size.
  5. Borrow the ring (if she won’t notice it’s missing) and get it sized at a local jeweller.
How to find your ring size

The more information you can provide, the better. Try two or three of the methods above so your jeweller can determine an average.

Step 2: Get help from family and friends

It may sound suspicious when the questions come from you, but her family and friends may be able to get some insight without tipping her off. Try these on for size:

  1. First off, ask them! This may be a conversation they have had before and it’s possible they already know the answer.
  2. Use a friend who has just gotten engaged. Get her to subtly encourage your partner to try on her ring to see if it fits.
  3. Get them to take her shopping. This is a great time to try on rings with the girls “just for fun”. It’s also an opportunity for them to do a little sneaky research into her preferred ring style.
Vintage-style emerald, diamond and white gold ring

Step 3: Pretend you're shopping for someone else

Wait for your sister or mum’s birthday and pretend you are shopping for a ring as a present. Ask her to help by getting her ring size measured by a jeweller.

Hot tip: Avoid suspicion by measuring a few of her fingers, not just the left ring finger.

How to find her ring size

Step 4: Propose with a stand-in proposal ring

In some cases, a girl can really enjoy the deeply personal experience of creating her own engagement ring. She may already have a clear idea of what she wants, or may really love the exciting process of choosing her own unique design.

But this doesn’t mean that your surprise proposal plans are ruined. Yes, it’s still possible to keep them top secret.

How you ask?

Use a stand-in proposal ring.

A stand-in proposal ring is a ring that you use in place of the engagement ring (kind of like a promise ring, but with more intent). It’s usually more affordable, easier to pick out and can be delivered in less time than a custom designed engagement ring (perfect for when you need a ring fast)!

It’s also MUCH less pressure on you. She isn’t necessarily going to wear it forever, so it doesn’t have to be perfect.

When there are a million other things to think of, this is one way you can reduce the stress and focus on the other questions rushing through your head – How am I going to propose? Where am I going to do it? How am I going to organise this? What if she finds out?

(Don’t worry. We can help with this too!)

Using a stand-in proposal ring means that when it comes to the actual engagement ring, an accurate finger size can be taken and your partner can take part in designing the ring she’s always dreamed of!

Your proposal ring can be custom made to incorporate symbols of your relationship or can be ready-made like the ones in the shop.

Rose gold leaf promise ring with diamonds

So how can Fairina Cheng help?

Fairina (that’s me) is a Sydney-based jeweller that takes a distinctly different approach to design.

I create jewellery for rule-breakers and story-makers. Whether your partner is an anti-diamond girl, or someone who doesn’t stick to the status quo, I’ll help you create an engagement ring so personalised, it couldn’t have been designed for anyone in the world but her.

The Ultimate Toolkit to an Amazing Secret Proposal is a carefully created series of resources that goes through the exact steps required to create an engagement ring that’s tells your story, and nobody else’s.

The first step is finding her ring size. Enter your details here to download your free printable ring sizer.

Or book a call to chat through your ideas and get one step closer to designing that perfect engagement ring.

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