How a family planned the ultimate birthday celebration for mum

How a family planned the ultimate birthday celebration for mum
March 13, 2016 Fairina Cheng

Rhodolite garnet and silver ring

This 60th birthday present was made in Australia, delivered to Norway and gifted in London. Featuring a striking pink and purple rhodolite garnet, this ring reminds us all that – when there’s fun to be had and family to share memories with – the world really doesn’t feel so big.

It all started when Ane from Norway had her first Fairina Cheng ring made, a graduation present for completing her law degree.

“My mother loved the ring I ordered for myself, and loved the thought of getting something one of a kind. My sisters and I decided that we should get a custom made piece for her, and with a 60th birthday coming up we had the perfect occasion,” she said.

Ane and her sister

Ane and her sister

“My mother always organises surprises for others, and is – without a doubt, the “glue” in our family. We wanted to do something really special for her birthday, so one year ahead of the big day, we started planning.

She had never been to London before, but had always dreamed of going there. So we decided to set London as the scene.

As the tour guide I had quite a job planning the whole weekend – and keeping it a secret. There was so much to plan, order and book, and people were arriving at different times. The first day I had to make sure that my mother wouldn’t accidentally run into the others as they arrived at the hotel. It wasn’t easy since she was so excited about finally being in London all she wanted to do was go out and explore! I had absolutely no control over where she was, and had to make up reasons to check what she was doing and when she was expecting to be back!

On the day of her birthday, we booked a table at a restaurant for the whole family, and during this dinner we handed over the ring as a present. We hid Fairina’s ring box inside in another box, so that we could all see her reaction when she realised what it was. When she opened it and saw the logo, she looked a little puzzled. But a few seconds later you could tell that she recognised the name and realised that the ring was custom made for her. Her eyes got all teary and she wanted to put it on right away. She has worn it every day since, and she adores it!

Opening present

Click play below to watch the moment Ane’s mum entered a restaurant in an entirely different country and saw her family there to greet her!


Our mother is a lively and colourful person, and we wanted the ring to express that. We wanted something different that you don’t see at the regular jewellery stores. Depending on the light, the stone sparkles red to pink to purple, sometimes even with a hint of orange. The gemstone is definitely both lively and colourful. Just like our mother.”

Rhodolite garnet silver cocktail ring

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Comments (4)

  1. Ane 8 years ago

    Thank you for devoting a blog post to tell the story behind the ring. We wanted to do something really special, and with a little help from Fairina, we managed to create the best birthday celebration our mother could imagine. She absolutely adores her new ring, and she is already thinking about getting matching pieces. As a side note: It looks like she will be getting more London trips as well – my youngest sister met a wonderful man while we all were in London and she is moving there in a couple of months!

    I strongly recommend Fairina to others considering one of a kind jewellery (or “few of a kind” jewellery if you choose from her existing selection). The service is impeccable and you get to be a part of the design process – not that you need to, Fairina manages excellent on her own 😉

    • Fairina 8 years ago

      Thank you for your lovely comment Ane. The pleasure is all mine! I’ve said this many times but I think your story and your family are beautiful! And how awesome is it that your sister met someone in London too. I love how the pieces fall together so nicely!

  2. Mary Dina Bakken-Simsø 8 years ago

    Dear Fairina . I am the lucky mother who got the beautiful ring from my children. I really love the ring you made for me,and I have used it every day since I got it! The color of the stone change , it depends on the color of my clothes. And I love this quality of the stone ! Ane and my two other daughters made my 60 years birthday to be unfogettable , and the ring was a big surprise. Ane let me take part in the prosess with her gradution ring,and I find the ring beautiful and Ilike the symbolism behind it! Now I am considering to get a bracelet ,with elements from my ring,and it has to be a bracelet that I can use every day.I ‘ve been looking at the bracelets you have,the are beautiful, but not exactly what I am thinking on.But I am sure you are able to make one that match my ring !Once again, thank you creating my ring ! And I look forward to order a bracelet from you .

    • Fairina 8 years ago

      Hi Mary, it’s so lovely to finally meet you! Your daughters did so well and I’m really honoured to have played a part in this lovely story! I would of course be very happy to make a bracelet to match your ring. I’ll start having a think of potential designs. Whenever you’re ready, feel free to get in touch at!

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