Negative/Positive silver 3D printed necklace

Negative/Positive silver 3D printed necklace

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This 3D modelled pendant was the first ever creation in our Negative/Positive collection. It was designed on a computer and brought to life through the use of 3D printing technologies. Featuring matte inner surfaces and highly polished edges, its form makes it almost impossible to create by hand alone.

The pendant weighs in at a generous 12 grams of solid sterling silver and has a lovely weight to it.

Pendant: 20mm
Chain: Select your chain length from the drop down menu below

Processing time
Each Negative/Positive pendant is made to order. Please allow 3 to 5 working days (excluding shipping) for it to be created.

© Fairina Cheng


Negative/Positive silver 3D printed necklace

This striking geometric necklace is what happens when fashion and technology unite. Created through 3D printing and different from every angle, it’s a design you just can’t stop looking at. While seemingly precise, each piece in the Negative/Positive range is the result of experimentation, guesswork and a sprinkling of luck.

Caring for your necklace
Keep the edges bright by cleaning them gently with a soft silver polishing cloth. If necessary, the inner surfaces can be cleaned with a soft toothbrush and warm soapy water.

Additional information

Weight 50 g
Dimensions 80 × 55 × 25 mm


  1. Hi Fairina, LOVE my new necklace and will wear it at all my upcoming Xmas functions. My husband passed away 7 years ago and every year he buys me a beautiful gift!!! So this is from him and since he has gone, he always gets the present right Hahahaha!! Just love it and big thanks, just love ur creativity and see you again at the markets and online.

  2. Beautiful piece, great service

  3. The negative/positive necklace is my third order from Fairina. Since it arrived, I have been wearing it every day. I can’t believe how detailed and precise it is! I think I might be growing a serious addiction to Fairina’s work <3

  4. What a stunning necklace! I bought it for a friend and she loves it so much, she’s hardly taken it off. I left it a little late to purchase and Fairina was really helpful with options, so I was able to get it on time.

  5. Lovely piece, accurate description. Professional, efficient and pleasant service. Fairina went to a lot of extra effort to make sure the pendant would fit my hand made chain. Thank you!

  6. I love wearing your Negative/Positive pendant with my white gold omega chain. It’s a unique design, very modern and I’m glad to say that a lot of my friends have bought the same pendant after seeing me wearing it!

  7. I wear it all the time and love to combine it with a gold chain too. It is simply stylist and elegant and goes well with either a casual or a sophisticate look and that’s why I love it!
    Review for Negative/Positive 3D printed necklace

  8. Purchased a necklace for my wife for Mother’s Day. She loves it! Really prompt delivery and great customer service. Thanks! 5 Stars

  9. What a beautiful necklace – I bought it for my wife’s birthday and couldn’t believe how thrilled she was!! Fairina was a particularly wonderful seller with the way she kept in touch and her personalised service.
    Absolute 5 stars.

  10. I found Fairina and her unique jewelery on Etsy and I loved it and knew I wanted a piece from her collection right away! It was a design unlike any I had seen before and I could tell a lot of time, effort, and thought went into making it. When I reached out to Fairina to further inquire about the piece and ask if she did expedited shipping (because I wanted to get my hands on the necklace as soon as possible and wear it and she was located in Australia and I in the U.S.) it turned out she was actually visiting in the U.S. and just so happen to be in the same city as me as well. I was overjoyed especially when she agreed to do a local pick up of the necklace with me, it felt like it was truly meant to be. I mean really what are the odds that just when I find her and reach out to her she happens to be visiting the city I live in and just so happens to have the exact necklace I want with her. I am so happy with how perfectly everything worked out!
    I am very picky about my jewelry and thus when I find something I like I tend to ask a lot of questions of the artist to really know what I am getting. Fairina was very prompt with responding to me and answering all my questions kindly. In addition to being a wonderful jewelery designer she really is a nice person. In the end when I saw the necklace for the first time it was better than expected and just looked so cool! It was of such high quality and perfection. I have worn it everyday since and received many compliments. Plus I already have the next item I would like to get from her collection picked out!
    Really if you have any doubts, don’t, you will be more then happy with your experience with Fairina and how your jewelery turns out! It’s great and I highly highly recommend!
    Review for Negative/Positive 3D modelled silver necklace

  11. My jewellery has arrived and I love the set! thank you, I’m sure I’ll really enjoy wearing them. Great customer service too, I’ll happily recommend you to my friends!

  12. I love the necklace, the design is so unique, I’ve never seen anything like it.
    3D printed silver necklace review

  13. This was my first Fairina Cheng purchase and definitely not my last. I was drawn to the pendant because it was just different from anything else I’d ever seen and knew I just had to have it! It’s a guaranteed conversation starter every time I wear it, which really speaks to just how original Fairina’s designs are.

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