5 unforgettable (and fool proof) proposal ideas

Stuck for unique and not-so-cheesy proposal ideas? Read on.

We talk to proposal planners, Gloria and Tania, the dream team behind My Proposal Co.

Here are their top 5 picks for out-of-the-ordinary proposal ideas for The Romantic, The Foodie, The Fun Lover, The Dog Lover and The Princess!

The Romantic

The key to romance is simple. Make it thoughtful and personal.

Make a list of all her favourite things (which may include food, wine, desserts, flowers, locations, movies, songs and even memories).

Design the proposal using elements of each of her favourite things (whether obvious or subtle).

Serve a picnic basket of all her favourite foods, or have it catered by her favourite restaurant.

If she loved Christmas as a child, choose an outdoor location where you can deck the trees with fairy lights.

If you went on movie dates throughout uni, set up an outdoor cinema and play her favourite show.

At the end, surprise her with a personalised video message (or even a video of her ring being made).

When she turns around in surprise, ask the most important question you’ll ever ask in your life.

And her answer is…

Proposal ideas for The Romantic. Image by Evoke Photography.

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The Foodie

Remember, a proposal doesn’t have to be a public affair (just like a fine dining experience doesn’t have to be in a restaurant). Scout the perfect location for a private dinner for two, such as a secluded beach or a holiday house you’ve rented for the weekend.

Hire a chef to create a three-course menu featuring all of her favourite dishes. Have a private waiter on hand to ensure the service and clean-up is looked after.

The way to a foodie’s heart is through her stomach, so it’ll be an experience she’ll never forget!

Candle lit dinner proposal ideas

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The Fun Lover

If she’s the kind who prefers The Amazing Race over The Bachelor, send her on a treasure hunt! This one takes a bit of creativity, but it’s worth it!

Think of the important events and places that make up your story as a couple: Your favourite date spot, where you first kissed, your favourite Mexican joint and your favourite look out.

Send her to each location to collect the next clue. Get creative with maps, write the letters in rhyme, or have family and friends at each location handing her hints. Hot tip though – Keep it local or hire a driver so the travel is quick, enjoyable and there’s no opportunity for the excitement to fade.

Eventually she’ll find you at the final landmark, ring in hand and ready to propose.

Proposal ideas for The Fun Lover. Image by Kurt George Photography.

Kurt George Photography

The Dog Lover

For some, a proposal isn’t a proposal unless it involves their closest friends and family. Especially those of the four-legged variety!

Perhaps you’re taking the dog for a walk when you stumble across a beautiful proposal setting. Or she arrives to meet you and discovers an engagement ring and proposal message tied around her pup’s collar.

Training is important, so spend some time preparing puppers for his or her starring role. Remember that props like balloons and signage can be scary to a dog, so it can be helpful to slowly acclimatise pup to these objects beforehand (especially if they will be near or attached to them). A strong ‘sit-stay’ command is also beneficial to keep pup in place for photos.

And finally, be sure to have doggy treats on hand to keep pooch occupied, especially if you sit down for a picnic!

Proposal ideas for The Dog Lover. Image by Lush Images.

Lush Images

The Princess

Give her the royal treatment by making her a princess for a day!

Make plans for a casual day out and tell her you’ll pick her up. Instead of showing up yourself, surprise her with a limo, a chauffeur and her best friends who whisk her away for a day of indulgence.

The day might start with some pampering at a luxury day spa with a private masseuse and personal hair and make-up artist. The concierge knocks on the door and presents her with a beautifully boxed dress from her favourite designer (ask her best friend for advice). Dressed to the nines, she’s chauffeured away to meet her Prince Charming for a private meal and a surprise proposal.

Proposal ideas for The Princess. Photo by Kurt George Photography.

Kurt George Photography

Top tips for planning a surprise proposal

1. Use a decoy.

To get her to the proposal location without tipping her off, tell her that you’re going to a “friend’s birthday” or “colleague’s wedding”. Alternatively, have a friend pretend to take her on a night out with the girls. This way, she’ll be dressed for the occasion without even realising it!

2. Capture the moment.

Have a videographer or photographer nearby ready to capture every moment. She’ll be too caught up in the surprise to remember how it all happened, and this is one of those memories she’ll want to relive again and again.

3. Take her personality into consideration.

It’s easy to think that every girl dreams of a grand, public proposal. After all, that’s what the movies like to tell you! However for some, a private, low-key event is perfect. Pizza, a quiet night out, and just the two of you.

4. Engage a professional.

Proposal planning can be daunting when trying to do it all yourself. Engage a professional to execute the finer details, especially if you don’t have the time to develop an idea, wade through suppliers and coordinate without getting caught. Your professional may be a planner who can manage all aspects of the proposal, or a caterer or prop hire service to take care of certain aspects of the event. This way, when the time comes, you can concentrate on enjoying the special moment too!

Who are My Proposal Co?

Tania and Gloria live and breathe proposal ideas, logistics and secret agent planning. They have surprised over 100 brides-to-be across Sydney, Melbourne, Adelaide and the world.

“Romance is a personal expression of love that comes in many unique forms,” says Tania. “Like an engagement ring, we don’t believe that a proposal has to be flashy or follow the rules. But it does require planning, and should be designed for her, and only her.”

Whether you need an idea, have an idea or have absolutely no idea, My Proposal Co can help. Mention Fairina Cheng and you’ll get a bonus bouquet of fresh seasonal flowers with your personalised proposal!

Tania and Gloria from My Proposal Co

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