Happiness Guarantee

Happy customers are why we’re in business. If you purchase a piece of jewellery from the shop and it doesn’t fit, doesn’t look like you expected or just doesn’t feel right, contact us within 7 days of receiving it for an exchange or refund. Easy!

We don’t get many disappointed customers, and we don’t get asked for returns or exchanges often. But in case things don’t work out, the Happiness Guarantee is how we’ve got you covered.

If you’ve decided you no longer want what you’ve ordered, it may be for one of two reasons:

  • You may have changed your mind and decided it doesn’t suit you: In this case, send your order back to us and we’d be happy to exchange it or process a full refund of the purchase price via the original payment method. All you’d have to do is cover shipping both ways.
  • You may have received a piece that is not as described or is faulty: In this case, we’ll also happily exchange it or process a full refund of the purchase price via the original payment method. Exchanged items will be re-delivered free of charge to the original shipping address.

To make the experience as smooth as possible, please make sure that your returns and exchanges are safely repackaged and posted back to us, unused and in their original condition. Orders that were originally sent to you using a registered or trackable postage option must be returned via an equivalent registered or trackable postage option. This is for your protection. As you may understand, we’re not able to organise refunds or exchanges for items if we don’t receive them.

Want free returns?

Return shipping is the responsibility of the buyer, however check out PayPal’s Refunded Returns program to see how you can also get return shipping for free. Win-win!

Things to remember

The Happiness Guarantee excludes gift certificates and custom orders. Our custom orders are created through extensive consultation and take a lot more time and work than standard production pieces. As they are made specifically for you, we aren’t able to accept returns or exchanges. However (as many of our customers would tell you) it’s our top priority to make sure that each piece that leaves the studio is crafted to a high standard (and makes you do an excited jig when you receive it)!

Also note that some pieces, such as those with unique stones or features, may not be replaceable or resizable. If this is the case, we’ll walk you through some alternate options.

Have a question? Just ask!

If you experience any issues with your order, remember that we’re here to help! We’ve been in your shoes, and this is how we would like to be treated as a customer. If you have any questions, get in touch!

It's time to see for yourself!

Purchasing your new piece of jewellery should make you feel warm and fuzzy. Receiving your parcel should make your heart do a dance. Opening it should make your eyes light up. And wearing it should fill you with joy. Here’s to shopping happy!


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