• Multicoloured sapphire gemstones

    What is an ethical gemstone, really?

    If you’re here, sustainability is probably a topic that’s close to your heart. And it should be. But with so many businesses making bold (and sometimes unsubstantiated) claims around ethics and sustainability, how can you tell the difference between clever marketing and genuine conscious consumerism when it comes to gemstones? Read this to find out.

  • 3ct-cushion-cut-diamond-18ct-white-gold-engagement-ring

    Lab created diamonds vs mined diamonds: Which is more environmentally friendly?

    What is the difference between a lab grown diamond and a mined diamond? What are sustainability rated diamonds? And the ultimate question: Are lab created or mined diamonds better?

  • Unique jewellery and alternative engagement rings made in Sydney

    How to design jewellery that’s kind to the planet

    The planet has been kind to us. And it’s about time to start giving back. Here, we share 4 ways you can design an ethical piece of jewellery that’s kinder to the planet.

  • Outdoor wedding by Sandra Henri Photography

    Greening your Big Day: 4 ways to reduce the carbon footprint of your wedding

    A wedding is a significant occasion, and so too is the way we choose to mark it. In recent years, more than ever, couples are thinking about their impact on the planet and choosing greener options. If you’ve ever wondered how you can organise a more sustainable wedding, read on.

  • Couple on honeymoon

    6 worthy things to splurge on instead of a big white wedding

    Let’s face it – a big wedding often comes with big bucks. Here are 6 alternative things you might consider spending up on to celebrate your big day, your way.

  • Platinum and diamond engagement ring side_Jen Levett

    What is the difference between platinum and white gold?

    If you’re keen on a special piece of jewellery you may have wondered which is better – white gold or platinum? Both metals are great choices for jewellery that needs to stand the test of time. Here’s how to decide which is the right choice for you.

  • Salt and pepper diamond ring and florals

    How to design a non-traditional diamond engagement ring

    While a traditional white diamond can be beautiful, timeless and strong, there are other options with all the brawn and none of the yawn. Here are 4 ways to turn your engagement ring into a piece unlike any other.

  • Nathan Dumlao couple with flowers

    The rise of micro weddings (and how to plan one)

    Small is the new big. Luxe white weddings with six-figure budgets are making way for low-digit guest lists and intimate ceremonies. And it’s no wonder why, with benefits like fewer guests to wrangle and the freedom to put your money where your heart is.

  • Green sapphire, Tanzanian sapphire and diamond ring in platinum

    Should I buy a non-diamond engagement ring?

    If you’re one of the growing number of people looking for an alternative to the traditional engagement ring, then this article is for you. Here are 4 questions to ask to determine if a non-diamond ring is right up your alley.

  • Pear parti sapphire engagement ring and wedding bands

    Rock your romance: Why you should consider a non-traditional engagement ring

    For decades, we’ve been told by movies, magazines and big-name brands that engagement rings, weddings – and even love – look a certain way. But let’s toss aside the rule book for a second. Today we’re challenging the notion that the traditional white diamond engagement ring is the only way to symbolise your love.