Behind the scenes

  • Dina using the rolling mill

    Handmade with love: Dina & Rob make their own wedding rings!

    One of the best parts about having your wedding rings custom made in the Fairina Cheng workshop is getting a behind-the-scenes view into how your special piece came to life. Dina and Rob decided to take it one step further, and try their hands at crafting each other’s wedding rings from scratch.

  • How to make wedding rings

    The making of Mia and Dave’s wedding rings

    Go behind the scenes and see a bar of 18ct rose gold transformed into two brightly polished wedding rings!

  • Custom made solitaire diamond engagement ring

    Turning old into new

    Sometimes, engagement rings tell more than the story of a couple. Designed to capture Olivia and Paul’s love of nature, this ring also incorporates the history of a family.

  • Fairina Cheng - contemporary statement jewellery

    Jewellery and a Melbourne laneway

    Take a peek behind the scenes of our very first dedicated jewellery shoot on the streets of Fitzroy, Melbourne. I’ve never been much of a car person, but that took an unexpected twist when we found a beautiful rusty old Kingswood and a shiny new tow truck to use as props!

  • I heart NY

    Winning the Etsy Design Award: An inside look at Etsy’s New York HQ

    There I was, thousands of miles from home, standing at the front doors of Etsy HQ in Brooklyn, New York. As part of the Etsy Design Awards, I was about to get an inside view of the world’s biggest online marketplace dedicated specifically to independent artists, designers and makers.

  • Brass and acrylic cuff

    This is the story of a cuff I thought had been lost forever

    I love surprises. Especially when they’re as awesome as this one! Back in 2011, I submitted a design to a US jewellery publication. However it wasn’t till recently that I found out its fate.

  • Shadow stacking rings in sterling silver

    Believe the hype. Size matters.

    Don’t you listen when they tell you that size don’t mean a thing. Size (and a top secret engagement ring project) were the driving force behind the design of the Shadow stacking rings.

  • Fish ring - tourmaline, white gold and diamond engagement ring

    Spot the fishy secret in this engagement ring!

    I was watching a casual cricket game at Centennial Park and a friend came up and asked me to design an engagement ring for his girlfriend. The requirements were pretty flexible: It should be in white gold, the stone should be green… oh and “can you put a fish on it?”