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Unconventional custom jewellery for rule breakers and story makers

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Unconventional jewellery for rule breakers and story makers

This is jewellery that turns heads and starts conversations

You’re here because you’re sick of seeing the same old rehashed jewellery on department store shelves. Because you aren’t satisfied with stock-standard, mass-market accessories. And because you recognise that the world is lacking bold, story-worthy jewellery.

We’re here to create striking custom designs for fiercely independent women who don’t care about other people’s “perfect”.

It’s lovely to meet you.

At Fairina Cheng, we believe that in jewellery – just as in life – there are no rules. So we are passionate about creating bold, custom keepsakes that are completely your own.

Find out how you can create a piece of jewellery that tells your story.












This is jewellery for those who pride themselves on being a little bit different. Everything that comes out of the studio is made to order right here in Sydney.


Voted Community Choice winner of the 2014 Etsy Design Awards, Fairina Cheng brings you a contemporary take on traditional jewellery and a unique perspective on design.


Whether you’re going minimalist or spectacular, we’ll design and create an unconventional statement piece to make your Christmas morning.

In your free consultation, we will:

  • Delve deep into your story, style and inspirations for your bespoke piece
  • Provide guidance around metals, gems and processes
  • Get to the heart of a design that tells your story, and no one else’s.
  • Set the stage for the creation of a gorgeous piece of jewellery that captures your story in the way only you can tell it

Subvert the traditional and wear a keepsake that is completely your own

Whether you’re looking for something simple or something striking, these custom-made adornments all come with a story that you can call yours.

A birthday surprise

Rhodolite garnet cocktail ring

This 60th birthday present was made in Australia, delivered to Norway and gifted in London. Featuring a striking pink and purple rhodolite garnet, this ring reminds us all that – when there’s fun to be had and family to share memories with – the world really doesn’t feel so big.

Her grandmother's gold

Rustic gold, sapphire and diamond granule ring

When her grandmother passed, Patricia wanted to turn the jewellery she inherited into something contemporary. This piece was repurposed from yellow gold, diamonds and Australian sapphires into a commemorative ring she proudly showcases to the world.

A ring with a fishy little secret

White gold and green tourmaline fish ring

Tom wanted an engagement ring and his requirements were pretty flexible. It should be in white gold, the stone should be green… oh and “can you put a fish on it?”. This project sparked the story of one of our favourite engagement ring designs. Can you see the fish?

Custom jewellery gift for Christmas

We currently have a limited number of spaces for custom bookings in time for Christmas!

Book a consult for yourself, or send your partner! This could make the difference between celebratory fist pumps or frantic nail biting when it comes time to open your present!

Get on the front foot and organise your Christmas morning now.


We believe that…

Jewellery is so much more personal than the 4 C’s of diamonds.

We’re unconcerned about diamond size and dollars and go beyond traditional standards to create bold pieces with authenticity and meaning.

We’re for those who forge their own path and don’t care about other people’s “perfect”.

We believe that you’re the only person who can tell your story.

Create a bespoke keepsake that's completely your own

About Fairina Cheng

Fairina had always admired people who could work with their hands. But she never thought that she would be one of them.

She graduated from university and entered the corporate world – meetings, deadlines, early starts and late nights. But an offhand decision to take an evening jewellery course sparked a lightbulb moment that changed everything.

Fairina picked up her first jewellers’ saw in a small Sydney workshop, and fell in love. After just one week, she had made a commitment to pursue jewellery design as a career.

But this is not a stock standard jewellery label. And Fairina is not a stock standard jewellery designer.

Sitting between the artistic and the commercial, Fairina combines creative skills and technical knowhow to create jewellery that is well-made, with a twist of something special.

Fairina Cheng, Sydney jewellery designer

Thank you for joining us. I would love to help you tell your story.

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