Custom order: Trapezium-shaped tourmalinated quartz – 18.1 x 12mm

Custom order: Trapezium-shaped tourmalinated quartz – 18.1 x 12mm

When it comes to unique gems, it rarely gets more interesting than this!

Created from two distinct varieties of stone, these trapezium-shaped gems feature streaks of jet black tourmaline in a clear quartz base. The result? A trio of bold, geometric gemstones that demand attention wherever they go.

Three quartzes are currently available for individual orders. Choose one or more for a daring drop necklace or a pair of show-stopping earrings.

How do custom orders work?
The gemstones listed at are available for purchase as part of custom jewellery designs and are not sold as loose stones. Click the Enquire Now button below or book a call to discuss your special piece.

Length: 18.1mm
Width: 12mm
Depth: 6.5mm

Processing time
Most custom orders take approximately 6 weeks to complete from the time the order is confirmed with a 50% deposit. During this time, Fairina will work closely with you to design a unique piece that tells your story.

© Fairina Cheng


Trapezium-shaped tourmalinated quartzes for custom jewellery designs

Dark, mysterious and bold, these tourmalinated quartzes are part of a small collection of one-off jewels in our treasure chest. Carved out of tourmaline-streaked quartz, these limited edition gems are truly “rocks that rock”. Enquire now to create a special piece of your own.

The custom design process
We take a highly personalised approach to designing a piece of story-telling jewellery.

  1. Discuss: First, we chat by phone, email, Skype or in person to determine the direction of your bespoke piece of jewellery.
  2. Design: Based on our discussion, we’ll present you with a tailored range of options, and continue to refine your design until it’s perfect.
  3. Create: This is the exciting part. Through behind-the-scenes photos and frequent updates from the studio, you’ll get a rarely seen insight into how your design comes to life.

Click Enquire Now to start the conversation about your next piece of custom jewellery.

Additional information

Weight 15 g
Dimensions 80 × 80 × 10 mm