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Eco-friendly jewellery in recycled silver and gold

The Trinkets collection is an eco-friendly range that uses metals reclaimed from pre-loved jewellery. Both the silver and gold used in these rustic necklaces, earrings and rings are reclaimed from precious metal scraps, melted and reformed into new pieces that continue their story.

Trinkets is a collection that takes inspiration from the keepsakes we collect throughout life. Some of them hold monetary value. Others are priceless because of the memories they preserve. Whether or not they’re perfect, they are all treasured in some way.

Sterling silver is chosen for its susceptibility to oxidisation and its ability to take on a beautiful smoky black finish. 18ct yellow gold is chosen for its warm golden hue and resistance to oxidisation. The collection brings these two contrasting characteristics together to create modern treasures with an old-world charm.

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