Personalise the proposal: Show how her engagement ring came to life

An experience you won't find anywhere else

At Fairina Cheng, we’re not a stock standard jeweller. So we’ve designed a way to take that personalised jewellery experience to the next level: a custom jewellers-eye video showing how your very own engagement ring was made (only limited spots available)!

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In a secret proposal, your girlfriend rarely gets to see the hard work that goes on behind the scenes. But what would her reaction be if she could see how much love, time and effort went into handmaking her engagement ring from scratch?

Some of the most exciting parts of the jewellery making process happen in the workshop. Metal bars are forged, filed and engulfed in flames as they transform from raw materials into shiny pieces of jewellery.

A personalised engagement ring video is the perfect way to make your proposal absolutely extraordinary!

Want one for your own proposal?

Custom engagement ring videos are individually filmed as the ring comes to life. They take a lot of extra coordination and work to film, edit and create and are a complementary bonus to a small number of select customers.

As much as we’d love to, we simply can’t make them for everyone! Only limited spots are available.

Enquire now to check availability for your own custom engagement ring video!

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