A statement engagement ring for a bold, untraditional bride

A statement engagement ring for a bold, untraditional bride
November 1, 2016 Laila Raza

If the Negative/Positive ring had a life dream, this would be it. It was recently lucky enough to travel to the UK and then Fiji as an engagement ring for a bold, beautiful bride.

Hanna and James met in her hometown in the UK. She was visiting from New Zealand where she was working as an immigration advisor. James wasn’t from the area, so he was the only one in the pub that she didn’t recognise. They had their first kiss half an hour before she left back to New Zealand.

Hanna and James' untraditional wedding

After many late nights spent chatting online, Hanna found herself on a plane moving her life back to the UK. Soon after, they had a house and a gorgeous pup called Nuggit. They were engaged a year later.

“We had always wanted to get married in Fiji,” Hanna said. So Fiji it was! The wedding was a simple, elegant affair, with just the two of them in attendance. A big wedding was out of the question as neither of them liked being in the spotlight.

As well as being lovers of bold, statement jewellery, Hanna and James bonded over their love of bold statements of another kind.

The black and grey you see peeking through her wedding dress is a full back tattoo, one of the many art pieces that Hanna says are part of their “slightly weird” history and adventures!

From statement, geometric pieces inked across their bodies, to the coordinates of the location they met on their hands, the pair connected over their shared history of carrying permanent stories on their skin.

Full sleeve tattoo by Alex Hennerley

Tattoos by Alex Hennerley (Adorned Tattoo, UK), including James’ award-winning full sleeve

“We did buy a conventional engagement ring when we got engaged as something to show people, but it wasn’t me at all,” said Hanna. “It was more of a token gesture for old people!”

“I’m not a very girly girl so wanted a piece which was a little robust and ‘chunky’ yet different and eye catching. When I saw your pieces I knew that they would be ideal.”

3D printed engagement ring
3D printed unconventional bridal jewellery

Hanna and James are the kind of customer who really resound with me. They’re not afraid of the unconventional, they are who they are and, most of all, they don’t shy away from boldly wearing their stories!

Untraditional bridal jewellery
Hanna and James’ get married

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