A proposal in paradise: Sebastian and Mary’s engagement

A proposal in paradise: Sebastian and Mary’s engagement
June 15, 2018 Fairina Cheng

Right from the first time I spoke to Sebastian, it was clear that Mary was special.

During our first phone call, I was fascinated by the way he seemed to understand her and the beautiful words he used to describe her style, her character and her spirit.

Mary is a dancer, a yoga teacher and a fitness instructor. She is a Libra. She “says a lot with a little” and sees beauty wherever she goes. She is strong and kind. Easygoing and light in the way she carries herself.

She lives in Seattle. Sebastian lives in Vancouver. Whenever they can, they travel back and forth on a ferry across the strait that separates them for weekend visits.

Sebastian and Mary
Mary carrying a basket

“Throughout the time I’ve known Mary I’ve seen her dance with all things, inside and outside herself,” Sebastian says. “Never satisfied with the mundane, Mary is a treasure seeker, not to covet, but to enrich, to appreciate and to pollinate whatever magic she touches.”

Sebastian chose a gorgeous pear shaped Ceylonese sapphire – a beautiful blue with lighter flashes that dance along the centre of the stone.

Instead of the traditional vertical orientation, we angled the sapphire to allow the ring band to flow seamlessly around the bezel, and lined each side with a row of sparkling diamonds.

To make the occasion even more memorable, we filmed a personalised video to show Mary exactly how her ring was handcrafted. Click play below to watch!

Custom made Ceylon sapphire white gold engagement ring with diamonds by Fairina Cheng

“The ring is perfect,” says Sebastian. “The light blue essence of the sapphire matches the tone and the colour of light that I see radiate from Mary everyday. Its sparkle is there to remind of her own beauty, and the light that it brings to all that she encounters.”

He proposed on Valentine’s Day, at a luxurious, eco-friendly resort in Mexico.

“I’ve always seen Mary’s eye and thirst for beauty,” Sebastian says. “I have been able to picture what her dream life is, and I see that my own can also inhabit the very same place. I wanted to give her a taste of that life. So for the proposal I took us out of the dreary wet winter of the Pacific Northwest to sunny Tulum, Mexico. It’s a place we dream of living, owning a business and having a family one day.”

Playa del Carmen Quintana Roo
Poolside at Azulik, Tulum in Mexico
Azulik, Tulum in Mexico
Swimming in lakes in Azulik, Tulum in Mexico

“We spent our days on the beach, in the gorgeous eco-chic resort of Azulik, swimming in cenotes, eating great Italian food and soaking up all the sunshine we could to bring back home with us.”

“It was on Valentine’s Day over a beachside sunset and a bottle of Chianti, that I asked Mary to come home with me and be my wife. I would take credit for the planning, but to be honest, when I booked the dinner, I was quite very drunk. It was a fool’s gamble to cast my love in such a passionate and reckless way, but at the same time, my better instinct knew that it would all turn out well. When we walked out to the candlelit table set for us on the beach with warm air and sultry guitar music, I could feel that we had arrived in the perfect place at the perfect time.”

Sebastian and Mary are getting married in 2019 and are looking forward to their future together. One day they will live in Tulum, Mexico and grow their small business with their future kids in tow!

Sapphire ring in a beachside proposal

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