How we create a distinctly different jewellery experience

We are not a stock standard jeweller

We do things a little differently.

We don’t believe that an engagement ring is all about diamond size and dollars.

We don’t believe that an engagement ring has to look a certain way.

We believe that an engagement ring (and the process of designing it) should be an experience. And an amazing one at that!

So we aim to create an immersive and interactive design experience, completely different to one you might get at a traditional jeweller.

Our job is to take engagement ring shopping from daunting to delightful. And this is how we do it.

The Fairina Cheng design experience

An untraditional wedding

A highly personal approach to telling your story

Together, we craft and refine the design of your special ring, weaving in symbols of your favourite memories together. We move onto the next stage only when you’re 100% happy with the design.

An untraditional wedding

A glimpse behind the scenes

We get started handcrafting your design to order. Photo updates give you a rare insight into your engagement ring as it progresses from raw materials to a lifelong keepsake.

An untraditional wedding

[ Limited spots ] A customised video of your ring coming to life

Watch your engagement ring being created through a personalised video shot from a jewellers-eye view. It’s the perfect addition to your proposal surprise and is an experience you won’t find anywhere else! Find out more.

Want your very own story telling engagement ring?

Here’s how you can start the process and stop engagement ring overwhelm in its tracks. Get expert advice, talk through your ideas and start crafting your out-of-the-ordinary proposal with the help of a professional jeweller. Book a call or send an email to get started!

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