How Marnie gave Dad a Christmas gift to remember!

How Marnie gave Dad a Christmas gift to remember!
January 30, 2018 Fairina Cheng

Marnie likes her jewels to tell stories. And when it comes to gifts for the special people in her life, thoughtful wins over generic any day.

Here’s how we, with the help of a local gemstone cutter, turned her first childhood rock into a stand-out Christmas gift for Dad, “Mark”.

Handmade silver agate cufflinks as Christmas gift for Dad

Marnie said: “When I was little, I used to collect rocks/gems with my Dad and recently found the collection…along with this hilarious note 😂 It’s been a tough year for him health-wise, so I wanted to get him an especially thoughtful Christmas gift. Within a few weeks, Fairina turned this sentimental rock into cufflinks for him and a gorgeous little matching bracelet for me. I am in LOVE with the end result. Creating custom pieces of jewellery that tell a story is what she loves to do, and I cannot recommend her enough.”

Handmade agate silver bracelet by independent jeweller Fairina Cheng
Dad's Christmas cufflinks

Want to create your own story-worthy keepsake?

Like many people out there, you probably have a piece of old jewellery or a sentimental object that can be converted into an adornment with a story to tell.

It could be a ring handed down from your grandmother (that you know you’ll never wear) or a seashell you collected when you were a child (another Marnie tale)!

Book a call or check out our custom designs for some sparkly inspiration!

Custom cut agate silver cufflinks

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