A ring for a baby “turtle”

A ring for a baby “turtle”
January 22, 2017 Laila Raza

You may remember the story of The Fish Ring. It was a subtle but distinctive engagement ring with a fishy little secret.

For a jeweller who has a deathly phobia of sea creatures, I have been asked to make a fair share of custom, sea-themed pieces!

This is the tale of one of th0se adornments: A surprise replacement engagement ring to celebrate the birth of a beautiful baby girl, affectionately nicknamed “Turtle”.

White gold turtle ring with opal, emeralds and blue topaz

The story is told by new dad and Turtle Ring mastermind, Rowan Huppert:

“Felix (child number 1) was named Piglet in utero, mostly because I’m a huge devotee of all pork based products (despite my Jewish heritage)! During that first pregnancy Gen said she’d like the next one to be Turtle.

They are an animal Gen has had a fascination with from a young age. We have had the pleasure of seeing them together a few magical times – we saw them clambering up to lay their eggs on Heron Island and we’ve dived with enormous ones in Indonesia.

On the morning of our wedding, I gave Gen a lithograph painting of a turtle done by a very talented friend of mine in England. “Wedding Turtle” is one of the few pieces of art on our walls now!

Blue turtle lithographic print

Gen had actually booked a weekend away on the Queensland/NSW border, which was to include diving at a place known as Turtle Island. However it turned into a non-diving holiday for her as she discovered just a few days beforehand that she was pregnant with our very own “turtle”!

She had mentioned months previously that I could buy her a new turtle ring to replace her engagement ring which had broken and then been lost (which wasn’t such a loss as it cost me $35 dollars including shipping)!

Rowan and Gen’s original turtle engagement ring

Rowan and Gen’s original turtle ring

I had led her off the scent for this special ring by seeming to ignore her recommendation! When she saw the ring she was thrilled.

She loved it and in particular does love the opal, which is a relief because when I asked her whether she liked opals she said they were over expensive and somewhat lifeless. This piece of opal, though, is absolutely stunning and ever changing depending on the light.”

White gold and opal custom turtle ring

The white gold, opal, topaz and emerald ring features the traditional and ancient birthstones of mum Gen, baby Juliet, and older brother Felix. Juliet Theodora Huppert was welcomed to the world at 18:37 on 20 December 2016.

Opal turtle ring to celebrate baby's birth
Turtle ring to celebrate baby's birth
Custom baby birth celebration ring

Over to you!

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