Jewellery in new homes

  • Rustic diamond custom made heirloom ring with pear and baguette diamonds

    An heirloom ring in mum’s loving memory

    Charlene lives by the motto that “life’s too short”. It’s a motto she learned from her mum who sadly passed in 2019 after fighting stage 4 ovarian cancer. In mum’s memory, we combined gems from 7 pieces of jewellery Charlene inherited to create this modern heirloom ring.

  • Rob, Dina, their celebrant and a Schnauzer

    An Icelandic elopement

    This is the story of how Dina and Rob eloped to Iceland and got married, with an Icelandic poet as a celebrant and a Schnauzer as their witness.

  • Sapphire ring in a beachside proposal

    A proposal in paradise: Sebastian and Mary’s engagement

    Right from the first time I spoke to Sebastian, it was clear that Mary was special. He proposed on Valentine’s Day at a luxurious, eco-friendly resort in Mexico, with a ring that matched the blues of the sky and the sea that surrounded them. This is their story!

  • Turtle ring for baby birth celebration

    A ring for a baby “turtle”

    This is the tale of a surprise ring to celebrate the birth of a beautiful baby girl, affectionately nicknamed “Turtle”.

  • Hanna and James at their wedding

    A statement engagement ring for a bold, untraditional bride

    If the Negative/Positive ring had a life dream, this would be it. It was recently lucky enough to travel to the UK, and then Fiji, as an engagement ring for one bold, beautiful bride.

  • Custom made sapphire and silver beach necklace with seashells

    She wears seashells: The story of a necklace inspired by the sea

    As a child, Marnie collected seashells on the South Coast of New South Wales, but never thought that one day, she’d wear one of her little treasures as a necklace.

  • Mother baby jewellery

    Something special for mum and baby

    Meet mama Emily and gorgeous little baby Billy. This is the story of Billy’s first piece of jewellery – the plastic wristband she was given at birth at Royal Prince Alfred Hospital. Here’s how we turned it into a way for Emily to always keep baby Billy close to her heart!

  • Custom rhodolite garnet cocktail ring

    How a family planned the ultimate birthday celebration for mum

    This 60th birthday present was made in Australia, delivered to Norway and gifted in London. Featuring a striking pink and purple rhodolite garnet, this ring reminds us all that – when there’s fun to be had and family to share memories with – the world really doesn’t feel so big.

  • Hundertwasser artwork

    Want a unique engagement ring? Yes, you can break the rules!

    In February, Barry approached me about an engagement ring for his art teacher girlfriend, Jana. She wasn’t interested in the traditional bling and wasn’t looking to flaunt a flashy solitaire. Instead, she wanted a ring inspired by the work of her favourite Austrian artist and architect, Friedensreich Hundertwasser.

  • Brass and acrylic cuff

    This is the story of a cuff I thought had been lost forever

    I love surprises. Especially when they’re as awesome as this one! Back in 2011, I submitted a design to a US jewellery publication. However it wasn’t till recently that I found out its fate.