Believe the hype. Size matters.

Believe the hype. Size matters.
May 2, 2014 Fairina Cheng
Shadow stacking rings in sterling silver

Don’t you listen when they tell you size don’t mean a thing.

In fact, the Shadow rings were the unexpected result of a top secret scheme, hereby known as Operation Size Matters.

The story goes like this. In late 2012, I was asked to design an engagement ring for a friend. Of course, it was a secret. And of course, we needed to get her ring size without setting off alarm bells.

Operation Size Matters: Part One

Like many great stories, this one started with wine. Next came a rather unsophisticated (and slightly tipsy) attempt to raid her jewellery box and stack as many rings as possible onto her fingers. We thought we might get lucky and find a ring that magically fit. However, it wasn’t a very well thought out plan, and all we got was an awkward size estimate on a ring that was too big.

Busted for sure, or so we thought.

Operation Size Matters: Part Two

This time, we needed a more strategic approach:

1. Create a set of ring sizers disguised as jewellery (five stacking rings, each one size larger than the next).
2. Oxidise alternate rings so sizes can be identified at a glance.
3. Arrange for the girlfriend and I to play “WAG” at a weekend cricket game (sans high media profile and glamorous lifestyle).
4. Casually request hand modelling assistance for my new line of stacking rings.

The plan went off without a hitch. We stacked the rings onto her fingers, switching them up until we got a good fit (and supposedly, a good photo).

Voilà! We had our ring size.

Never to let a good design to go waste, the Shadow rings were born!

This is Claudia, the bride-to-be. The engagement ring was a whole other fishy story (and of course, she said yes)!

Claudia wearing the Shadow rings

Looking to propose in secret?

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