How to design a ring for your anti-diamond girl

“Diamonds are a girl’s best friend”, the saying goes.

“If you really love her, you’ll get her a ring in that little blue box”.

But here’s the thing: Not every girl is looking to flaunt a flashy solitaire diamond.

For some, the thought of the generic ring in the generic box will make them barf. No joke – these are exact words from one of our customers.

Maybe she doesn’t buy into the hype. Maybe she’s a rule-breaker. Or maybe she’s concerned about the social injustices linked to the diamond trade.

Let’s break the rules.

It’s time to bust the myths of the engagement ring status quo.

Truth 1: No it doesn't have to feature a big ass diamond

It can – there are some beautiful, unique diamonds out there that even the anti-diamond girl would fall in love with. But it doesn’t have to.

Consider alternative stones celebrated for their distinct colours and unique variations. Sapphires, for example, come in a range of blues, pinks, oranges, yellows, whites and greens, and are a great choice as a diamond alternative. They are one of the hardest gems in the world (second only to diamonds) and are highly suitable for long-term wear.

Australian blue-green parti sapphire

Truth 2: No it doesn't have to cost 3 month’s salary

In the 1930s, De Beers embarked on an extensive marketing campaign to convince the world that diamond engagement rings were the be-all and end-all of proposals. This included establishing a salary guide to dictate how much a guy should fork out for an engagement ring. At the beginning of the campaign it was 1 month’s salary. In the 1980s it changed to 2 months. The number now varies between 1 to 3 months.

But we’re smarter than that. We know that dollar value is not commensurate to love. The people who believe that, and judge you for it, aren’t the kind of people you want to hang around with anyway!

Truth 3: Jewellery is about more than the 4Cs

Diamonds are traditionally judged against 4 criteria: Cut, Colour, Clarity and Carat, which determine the perceived beauty, quality and price of a stone. But jewellery is about so much more than cold, emotionless grading systems. Choosing a custom engagement ring is about the experience of designing that special, once-in-a-lifetime keepsake and seeing your piece come to life behind the scenes. It is not about socially-defined grading systems that allow others to judge you on how much you paid for your diamond.

Instead, think about your ring as a symbol of your story. What memories and references can you incorporate into your design? The engagement ring below, for example, was designed for a couple who wanted to incorporate a fish reference! Take a closer look… can you see the fish?

Fish engagement ring in white gold, tourmaline and diamond

Tell your story the way you want to

In jewellery, just as in life, there are no rules. A ring made out of a beach pebble you discovered on your first holiday together is no less valuable than a diamond engagement ring from a high street jeweller (but a million times more meaningful).

Too many people stick stubbornly to the status quo and dutifully file into chain stores to purchase the biggest, characterless solitaire their 3-month budget can handle. But ‘mundane’ doesn’t have to be part of your repertoire. The world doesn’t need more followers.

So let’s design a ring that tells your shared story. One that she can look down on every day and think, “yes, this ring truly captures who I am”.

Rose gold hexagon sapphire custom engagement and wedding ring set

Need some ideas?

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